Summary of Systematic Review

The Effectiveness of Parent-Implemented Language Interventions: A Meta-Analysis
Roberts, M. Y., & Kaiser, A. P. (2011).
American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 20, 180-199.

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This is a meta-analysis of studies of parent-implemented language interventions of young children with primary and secondary language impairments.

Question(s)/Aim(s) Addressed:

  1. Do parent-implemented interventions positively affect language outcomes of young children with language impairments?

  2. Is early language intervention more effective when delivered by a parent than when delivered by a therapist?

  3. On which aspects of child language outcomes (e.g., vocabulary, syntax) do parent implemented language interventions have the largest effects?

  4. Do the effects of parent-implemented interventions differ for children with and without ID?

  5. Does type of language measure (i.e., parent report, direct observation) impact the magnitude of the effects?

  6. Do parent-implemented interventions positively affect parent use of language intervention strategies?

Children between the ages of 15 and 77 months with primary and secondary language impairments

Parent-implemented language interventions

Number of Studies Included:

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Social Communication Disorders

  • Treatment

    • Cognition/Language

      • Parent-Mediated/Implemented

        • "In addition to providing empirical support for the practice of parent-implemented language interventions, several specific implications for practices related to parent-implemented language interventions may be drawn from this review, [including the following]: interventions should focus on socially communicative interactions between parents and children" (p. 31).

Spoken Language Disorders

  • Treatment

    • Cognition/Language

      • Parent-Mediated/Implemented

        • “Parent-implemented interventions appear to be associated with substantial language growth in young children with varying degrees of cognitive and language impairments. The largest effects on language skills were for expressive morpho-syntax” (p. 33).

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U.S. Department of Education; Institute of Education Sciences

Parent-Mediated Intervention, Language Disorders

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